BEND, Ore. (AP) — A man Bend police arrested Sunday in connection with a double homicide is the same man accused of killing a woman who died in January after an attack on Christmas Day.

Randall Kilby, 35, was arrested Sunday on suspicion of three counts of murder, District Attorney John Hummel confirmed Monday.

At least one victim discovered Sunday died of hatchet blows, Hummel said in a news conference Monday. He said he couldn’t comment on the manner of death in the other case because only the hatchet death was witnessed.

Around 12:30 p.m. Sunday, Darlene Allen was walking with her son Kilby, passed another person and mouthed the words “help me” and that person called 911, Hummel said. Allen later ran to a neighbor, told them someone had been murdered in the house where she was living and that her son was involved, Hummel said.

Police arrived at the home and found the bodies of Jeffrey Taylor, 66, and his brother, Benjamin Taylor, 69, Hummel said.

Allen told police she witnessed Jeffrey Taylor’s death on Saturday. Afterward, Kilby forced Allen into his car and drove around, Hummel said. Kilby eventually brought them back to her house, where he watched over her overnight, Hummel said.


On Sunday she suggested the walk and summoned help, Hummel said.

Officers located Kilby Sunday on foot nearby. He reportedly indicated to police that he was responsible for the deaths of the Taylors and later, provided information about the death of Daphne Banks, who was hurt in the same house, allegedly by Kilby, Hummel said.

Kilby was initially arrested after Banks arrived at a hospital with a serious head injury. Kilby told police she fell and hit her head but police and medical professionals did not believe the story, police said. He was later was released from jail.

Banks died in January after being taken off life support.

Kilby and Banks had a romantic relationship, according to Hummel. The Taylor brothers were described as acquaintances of Kilby’s. Hummel said Kilby was angry at one of them about something.

For weeks, Banks’ two daughters were adamant Kilby should be charged in their mother’s death.

Hummel stood by his decision to not charge Kilby for Banks’ death earlier, saying the information Kilby provided Sunday allowed for the charges. Before, they didn’t have enough to go on, he said.

Kilby was assigned attorney TJ Spear to represent him. Spear declined to comment.

Kilby is charged with two counts of second-degree murder in the deaths of the Taylors and, for his alleged conduct toward his mother, one count of coercion. He’s charged with one count of second-degree murder in Banks’ death.