BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A black bear cub that was illegally taken from the wild by a Boise man is headed to a rehabilitation sanctuary.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game says a “well-meaning” Boise hunter took the cub last Saturday. The department confiscated the bear two days later, and State Veterinarian Dr. Mark Drew has treated the animal for an abscess, infection, abrasions and dehydration.

Fish and Game regional supervisor Brad Compton said the bear was not habituated to humans, and it will likely continue to try to avoid humans in the wild. The bear will spend the winter at the Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary near McCall and will likely be released to the wild next spring, when it is 1, Compton said.

Fish and Game spokesperson Evin Oneale says the man who took the bear from the wild thought it was sick and wanted to help it but had no veterinarian training and no authorization from the state. The man kept the bear in a dog kennel in his garage until it was confiscated.

Oneale says people who see an injured wild animal can take note of where the animal was seen and then report that location to the state.