JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — A man in a pickup truck was arrested after the state transportation department said he sped past boarding lines to get onto a state-run ferry Wednesday and was heard by crew “muttering about a bomb and firearms.”

The Juneau Police Department said the man did not have a ticket and “made a comment about a bomb” when confronted by ferry employees. The police department, in a release, said the comment was not a direct threat and the man did not say he had a bomb. But it said the comment created concern.

The police department also said the man whom they identified as Adam Jason Bahr, 39, of Juneau threatened to pull a gun on ferry employees.

Police said he was unarmed and told police “it was just a joke.”

No firearms or explosives were found in the vehicle, and the U.S. Coast Guard found no explosives on the vessel LeConte, police said.

A court records system showed misdemeanor assault and trespass charges had been filed against Bahr. A recording at the number listed for an attorney for Bahr said the voicemail box was full.

The LeConte had been set to travel to Pelican on Wednesday. Bookings were being rescheduled, the transportation department said.