PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Three people have been indicted by a grand jury in connection to a sex trafficking investigation in Portland.

Multnomah County District Attorney Rod Underhill said Wednesday that Basukumbi Wamulumba was charged with 16 counts of sexual abuse, 10 counts of promoting prostitution 10 counts of compelling prostitution, kidnapping and tampering with a witness, among other charges.

Richelle Seamster was charged with two counts of compelling prostitution, two counts of promoting prostitution and one count of using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct.

Donte Fuller is charged with purchasing sex with a minor and sexual abuse.

Police arrested Seamster and Fuller Tuesday while Wamulumba was arrested in March in Portland. It wasn’t immediately known if any of them have lawyers.

Court records say the crimes occurred in 2019 and 2020 and involved a minor victim.

Underhill said the investigation is ongoing.