ASTORIA, Ore. (AP) — Twenty-seven workers at a hospital in Astoria, Oregon have been sickened with the coronavirus since the end of November, according to state officials.

The cases at Columbia Memorial Hospital were detailed by the Oregon Health Authority in a weekly report on workplace outbreaks released Wednesday, The Astorian reported.

The most recent onset was Jan. 14. Hospital spokeswoman Nancee Long said five employees tested positive for the virus during the week of Nov. 27. The remaining 22 cases have occurred sporadically since the original cluster, spread throughout nine different departments and five separate buildings, she said.

Those affected have been quarantined to protect both caregivers and patients, officials said.

“Caregiver and patient safety is paramount,” she said. “We are proud of our caregiver’s diligence and attention to constantly changing procedures and risks. We will continue to be a space where sick people can come for help and take our dedication to heal seriously.”