Richard Cameron's four draft horses gave him an unexpected ride across his field near Ellensburg when the part hitching them to a plow broke.

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44th in an occasional series

When a part broke connecting his old Moline plow to his four Shire draft horses, Richard Cameron got a Nantucket sleighride — Western style.

He was dragged across a small part of the 2 acres he was trying to plow on his place outside Ellensburg. The field would be planted with timothy hay.

Campari, Vegas, Promise and Ursina are only four horsepower but pack at least 7,000 pounds of pull. They hadn’t been worked much and were feeling spirited.

Cameron has a dozen draft horses and was taught by his granddad to plow with them.

He says, “It’s a challenge, but working with the horses puts you in a better place.”

In the winter he used them and a homemade drag to clear snow from the driveway.

Getting the tack ready with three friends, he’s constantly touching the horses, talking reassuringly to them.

“There’s a bond with them. They’re not just working for me. There’s the company, friendship. I’m working with them, too,” he says.

So when the evener snapped, Cameron jumped off and held onto the lines while his friends ran to the front and helped control the horses.

Except for a pair of dirty overalls, everybody was safe.

But, plowing was done for this day.

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