Coliform bacteria was found in the water supply for dozens of homes in North Bend.

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The water supplier for a small neighborhood in North Bend warned residents of 82 homes not to drink their water after finding evidence of coliform bacteria on Saturday.

The Sallal Water Association tested water serving the Riverpoint/Mount Si neighborhood after learning last week that a tank had been vandalized and finding white pellets near the site. The association contacted the King County Sheriff’s Office and chlorinated the affected tank under the direction of the Washington state Department of Health.

“There is a possibility that the bacteria discovered in the water might have been related to the vandalism incident on October 30th, but this has not been confirmed,” the association said on its website Sunday.

Coliform bacteria are found in feces and can pose risks in drinking water. Jessica Besso, the water association’s accountant, said that the 82 homes serviced by the vandalized tank are isolated from the rest of its water distribution system.

“Sallal routinely tests the entire system and does not have concerns for contamination anywhere else,” she said.

The association is awaiting an evaluation by state regulators of the latest samples, and expects to hear back within a few days, Besso said.