An Olympia man whose parents moved to Libya for a job hadn't heard whether they found a way out of the country Wednesday.

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An Olympia man whose parents moved to Libya for a job hadn’t yet heard Wednesday whether they had found a way out of the country.

Peter Servine’s father, Ron Servine, told him by e-mail Tuesday that he and Peter Servine’s mother, Rhonda Servine, were going to try to board a ferry chartered by the U.S. government. The ferry from Tripoli, Libya, to Valletta, Malta, was scheduled to depart by 5 a.m. PST on Wednesday.

Peter Servine received an e-mail from at 3:52 p.m. Wednesday saying the ferry was unable to leave because of “inclement weather and sea conditions.”

The U.S. State Department e-mail, signed “Libya Task Force,” said it was not able to confirm who had boarded the ferry.

“If your loved one is on board the ferry, they will likely be able to contact you either by text message, if they have this capability, or when they arrive in Malta,” the e-mail read.

Peter Servine said both his parents, also of Olympia, have BlackBerries and should be able to text him, but he had not heard anything by Wednesday evening.

“We’re just waiting,” Peter Servine said, “hoping the phone rings or hoping we get an e-mail or some kind of confirmation that they’re alive and have made it to the ferry at least.”

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