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Heavy rainfall has flooded the Nickelsville tent encampment in Seattle and people living there are asking for help pumping water out.

The one functioning water pump on site just isn’t cutting it against a 30-foot-wide puddle about 6 to 8 inches deep on the encampment’s west side, according to those who have been trying to drain the puddle since this morning.  One of those people is George, who said he isn’t even thinking about multiple storm fronts coming in later this week.

“I’m just thinking about what’s going to happen tonight,” George said.

Those at the encampment are always in need of warm clothes and blanket this time of year, he said, but even more this week. The possessions of those who were camped on or near the flooded area are all wet.

People can drop by to offer help at 7116 W Marginal Way SW. For updates and discussion on the encampment’s most pressing needs, visit the Nickelsville Facebook page.