Final touches are being completed on the installation of four sculptures outside the Christ our Hope Catholic Church in downtown Seattle.

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Downtown Seattle pedestrians on Monday watched the final touches of the installation for Luke, one of the four evangelists, outside the Christ Our Hope Catholic Church in the Josephinum Building at Second Avenue and Stewart Street. John, the first statue, was installed previously, and Luke, Mark and Matthew were being added at once. Jack Halbert, Brad Miller and his son, Evan, of Green River Commercial Flooring, were grouting the final three. “Nine out of 10 comments have been, ‘Why are you taking them down?’ ” said sculptor Mimi Miller Miles. If people think the sculptures have been in the old window alcoves all along, she said, “That makes me feel I succeeded. It’s such a traditional building. I wanted them to look traditional and kind of modern.” A previous story about the sculptor, her creation of the evangelists and the church’s remodeling project can be found here.