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About four dozen parents, mostly from the Puget Sound region, have started a new group that hopes to keep charter schools out of Washington state, even though Initiative 1240 has passed.

The group, which calls itself Protect Our Public Schools, doesn’t plan to focus exclusively on the charter-school issue, but will start with it.

“The election is over, but the issue is not settled,” said Steve Nesich, one of the group’s founders.  Nesich volunteered for both groups that campaigned against I-1240, which calls for up to 40 charter schools to open in Washington state.  He has a third-grader at Seattle’s Loyal Heights Elementary.

“We intend to challenge I-1240 on legal grounds, through the legislature and through the court of public opinion,” Nesich said.

The group itself may not file a lawsuit against the initiative, Nesich said,  but likely will support those who do.  On the legislative front, he said Protect Our Public Schools may, among other things, talk to legislators about withholding funding necessary to carry out the initiative.