It's unclear how many customers in the Puget Sound region are affected by the outage and when crews will completely fix the issue.

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Small-business owners who are Comcast customers had problems with their phone service because of a nationwide outage Tuesday.

It’s unclear how many customers in the Puget Sound region are affected by the issue, said Walter Neary, a Washington spokesman for Comcast. By evening, crews had resolved the problem for some customers, though others were still without service.

According to Outage.Report, a website that tracks outages, the reports were concentrated in a number of areas spanning the country and started rolling in before noon. It’s unclear what caused it.

“Early today, an issue in our network prevented some of our small business customers from making and receiving phone calls,” according to a statement from the company. “We apologize for the inconvenience and we’re working as quickly as possible to understand the root cause and get it resolved.”

Businesses expressed their frustration online. Some were health and dental clinics, restaurants and other businesses in the Seattle area. Some said they lost money when they didn’t have phone service.

“This is killing our business today,” one person in Littleton, Colo. wrote on the Outage.Report site of the outage. “My small business is losing revenue every second our phones are down,” another said in Naples, Fla.

According to a post on a forum for Comcast Business, the company didn’t know when all customers would have full service again.

Comcast is encouraging customers to visit this forum for updates.