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One of two Humboldt penguin chicks recently hatched at the Woodland Park Zoo might never have see the light day had it not been for a youngster  zoo officials are now trying to find and thank.

The boy was watching the penguin exhibit a short time ago when he saw an egg on a ledge in the exhibit. He brought it to the attention of a zoo keeper who fetched it and put it in the care of a pair of foster parents who tended to it until it hatched, according to a zoo news release. It hatched on April 5.

Birds sometimes reject eggs. Had this one not been spotted by the boy… well.

When zoo keeper Celine Pardo went to thank the boy for his eagle eyes, he had disappeared.

Here’s what the zoo has to say:

The boy is described as 7 or 8 years old with blonde, curly hair; he was wearing a white t-shirt and was extremely polite. “We are so grateful to this little boy for helping us save this precious bird. If a crow or seagull had scooped up the egg, it would have been a goner,” said Pardo.

Zoo officials would like to invite the youngster for a look behind the scenes to meet the chick he saved and help give it a name.

The zoo asks if  anyone knows the identity of the mystery boy, please contact the zoo by emailing:

Humboldt penguins are endangered.

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