Late Wednesday night, vandals destroyed a mural supporting Ukraine on the side of Hart Studios in Gig Harbor.

“My sister drove by the studio this morning around 7 a.m. and saw the mural covered in red and blue paint. When she told me someone vandalized my mural, I thought in my head maybe they just tagged it or put a red X over it. When I saw it, I was taken aback how bad it was,” muralist Hillarie Isackson said Thursday.

There is almost $1,000 worth of damage to the building; oil-based paint is splashed all over the exterior wall of Hart Studio. Devoted Kiss Cafe, next door to Hart Studio, will need to repair its courtyard floor, also damaged by paint. Paint footprints lead all the way to Anthony’s restaurant down the street.

“Now I am scared and wondering will I get attacked if I do this again? Was this a personal attack on me? But, the community instantly wanted to help and donate what they could,” Isackson said.

The wall on the side of Hart Studios had been empty since a holiday mural came down. Isackson has been waiting for city funding to come through for the next mural.

“I found out everyone in our building has ties to Ukraine and the city gave me the go-ahead, so I began painting the temporary Ukraine mural on Monday,” Isackson said.


On Tuesday, the colorful mural of a large sunflower and outline of a map of Ukraine was finished for the town to see. By Wednesday night, it was ruined.

“It’s crazy. This was just something I did without pay, because I wanted to do it. Then to have this happen, I am very set back. My plan is to start working on it today and have it redone by tomorrow,” Isackson said.

Isackson won’t just be correcting the mural, but will incorporate the red and blue paint from the vandalism into an entirely new piece, Laura Pettitt, communications and tourism director for the city of Gig Harbor, told The Peninsula Gateway.

Police have video footage from across the street of two suspects approaching the mural with paint buckets and rollers on sticks. After rolling paint over the mural, they took off.

“It is very disappointing and sad to see. We have taken a report and we are working on solving this one and looking for leads,” police Chief Kelly Busey said.

The Gig Harbor Police Department asks anyone with tips to call 253-851-2236.

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