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Snowshoers may soon have access again to the Paradise area of Mount Rainier National Park as the federal government slowly returns to full operations after the partial shutdown.

After the enactment of a short-term funding deal to end the  shutdown, the National Park Service said Saturday significant snow removal would take many days to restore the two-way vehicle access to Paradise; the road was closed during the standoff.

“Staff are working now to restore safe access to this popular winter recreation area as quickly as possible,” the park said in a news release. “A projected opening date will be established as soon as possible.”

The Longmire Museum will reopen Sunday, the park said. Drivers have had access to the Longmire area, including the National Park Inn, restaurant and gift shop, since Jan. 13 when the park rejuggled Federal Land and Recreation Enhancement funds to reopen the Nisqually entrance.

The entrance is 60 miles southeast of Tacoma and typically open during the winter.

The park noted other areas, including Carbon River and Mowich, are also open but access depends on snow conditions since they are not typically maintained during winter.