A sign was toppled at the site of a proposed mosque in Mukilteo. Two fliers with what police called “anti-Islamic sentiment” were left, along with a United States flag.

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The site of a proposed mosque in Mukilteo was vandalized last week and tagged with fliers containing “anti-Islamic sentiment,” according to police.

Mukilteo Police officer Myron Travis said police, after receiving an anonymous tip, found a sign on the property that had been knocked over into some bushes. Attached to the sign were two fliers, titled “Ban Islam from America,” that featured seven paragraphs of writing on that topic, Travis said. A 3-by-5-foot American flag was placed next to the toppled sign.

Mukilteo police are investigating. Whoever knocked over the sign could face a malicious mischief charge, Travis said.

“We’re examining the evidence,” Travis said. “We don’t have any witnesses, any suspects. We confiscated the property and are examining what occurred.”

Travis said people have the right to free expression, but that it requires discretion. He urged people to voice their opinions at City Council meetings.

When asked if the fliers contained hate speech, Travis said he “wouldn’t draw that conclusion at this time.”

Last month, a mysterious mailing went out about the mosque that some say was motivated by Islamophobia. Peter Zieve, president of an aerospace company in Mukilteo, sent the postcards.

Travis said the fliers posted at the site do not appear to be linked to Zieve’s mailings.

“There was no relationship between the two that I could tell at this time,” he said.