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Weather: We’re on our way to a 73-degree day, and if we don’t make it, some of us will eat our hats. OK, not really, but it is supposed to be a clear, sunny and warm Wednesday. Sorry that we have to remind everyone that it is summer… Don’t get too comfortable, though. Light rain is forecast for the next four days. Yippee! The National Weather Service forecast.

Traffic: The map and cams.

The mass shooting outside a Federal Way bar: Seven people shot, one dead. Police say they have a shooter in custody. It goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway. Some of us find it difficult to imagine a world where one’s position in an argument is so vital that gunfire would ever, ever be an answer.

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Public money  for a new arena: yes or no? Seattle City Council member Richard Conlin is the first elected official to oppose the proposed sports arena in Sodo, so once again we’d like to hear from you on the matter. Vote in our poll.

How about the Storm? Five wins in a row… Gotta like that.

Pontoon cracks: So even before they’re put to use, pontoons destined to be used in the new 520 bridge have cracks in them. No, wait, these are more cracks. The state Transportation Department says the new cracks were found last week while cracks made earlier by cables were being fixed.

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