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Weather: Ready for snow? I’m told we’ll have it this evening, though I keep looking at different forecasts in hope of finding one that shows something else. So far, no luck. The good news is that it shouldn’t stick, so don’t worry (yet!) about commute problems. In the meantime, highs in the mid- to upper 40s today. More details are here, from the National Weather Service.

Traffic: It’s still early, but all looks clear on the highways except for the usual places. That power line that was down in Capitol Hill caused a mess until about 6:30 a.m.  for traffic and bus lines. Maps and cams here.

A glitch in the Highway 520 bridge tolling system? Our partners at KING-TV found one: a local driver is getting tolling bills in the mail that should be going to a driver from Texas with the same license plate number.

And in other tolling news: The state now says it’s expecting only about half — $200 million — of what it originally planned to bring in by tolling the Highway 99 tunnel.

She otter be safe: Seiku is tucked away in the Seattle Aquarium’s exhibit with her mother and grandmother, which is lucky for her. In the wild, she’d be thought of as tasty.

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