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Weather: You see rain this morning and likely will throughout the day, but tomorrow, ah, tomorrow … sunshine and clear and a high of 73 degrees, if not higher. Savor that sunshine because it’s light rain again Thursday and Friday, and the temperatures start falling. The National Weather Service forecast.

Traffic: The map and cams.

High gas prices didn’t affect this guy: For a while anyway. A former lineman for the PUD in Douglas County has pleaded guilty to stealing $16,000 worth of gas by using a fuel account card taken from a utility vehicle. He got 30 days in jail and has to pay back what he stole. Like we said, it was good while it lasted, sorta.

People moving to and leaving the state: The state has gained 14,400 new residents through migration in the past year, according to the state Office of Financial Management. That’s well below the average annual net migration of 45,000 in the previous decade. Do you remember when we used to gossip about all those people coming up from California? No, wait, we didn’t do that, did we? Washington has a population of about 6.8 million people, says the Financial Management Office.

He wanted to blow up a train: You might remember the story of the guy who wanted to blow up a train blocking a road in Whatcom County and who threatened to kill officers who arrested him. He was sentenced to prison yesterday. Two  years behind bars.

Army staff comes home: Lt. Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti, who was the Afghan war’s No. 2 commander, will be on hand for a welcoming home ceremony at Joint Base Lewis-McChord for him and 600 members of the headquarters staff after a year’s duty in Afghanistan.

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