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Weather:   The Weather Service says to be prepared for rain (100 percent!)  and some strong winds today — 15 to 30 mph and gusts to 45 mph. The wind could cause power outages, downed trees and snapped branches. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. Temperature by some forecasts will be 47 degrees, though. Rain forecast tomorrow, and while it will be windy, it won’t be as bad as what we could see today. The details.

Traffic: Be extra careful when the roads are slick with rain …  The map and cams.


Shawn Moul, who has been stalking Tracy Lundeen since they were both in middle school, is scheduled to be sentenced this morning. Moul has stalked Lundeen since shortly after they met in 1994 at McKnight Middle School in Renton. Despite obtaining a no-contact order against Moul, he persisted and in 2001 was convicted of stalking her. When he was released, he continued the stalking.

Missing on Mount Rainier: The searchers who spent Monday looking for the missing hikers and campers on Mount Rainier now say the chances of finding them have grown more remote. The missing are Mark Vucich, 37, of San Diego, and Michelle Trojanowski, 30, of Atlanta, who were due to return from a snow-camping trip Jan. 15; and climbers Sork “Erik” Yang, of Springfield, Ore., and Seol Hee Jin, of Korea, who were due back from a summit attempt Jan. 16.

Furlough for Seattle teachers today: Seattle Public Schools teachers will be on furlough for a half-day today due to state budget cuts. They will be wearing red and there will be protests. We’ll have a story later in the day.

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