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Weather:  Great yesterday. Not so great today. OK, it’s supposed to make it to the mid-60s, but we see clouds out there and rain in the forecast. We know it’s only Tuesday, but we’re looking forward to Friday for all the usual reasons, weather included. The National Weather Service forecast.

Traffic: The map and cams.

Runaway pie truck and the guy who saved the day: The Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, one of our community news partners, has a great little post about a pickup that got loose and started rolling backwards down 12th Avenue and through the Madison Street intersection. A quick-thinking shop owner saw the truck passing by, ran out, grabbed the steering wheel and guided the pickup safely to the curb. Not all is peachy, though, for the pickup owner. She was cited for endangering public safety

“They’ve already tasted blood”: A Rottweiler and a pitbull were stolen from the Lewis County Animal Shelter in Chehalis and authorities are worried, according to a story by KIRO TV. Someone cut through a fence and pried open kennel doors last week and made off with the dogs. The owner, Greg Welsh, says the dogs have already killed eight of his alpacas. “They’ve already tasted blood and nothing will stop them now,” said Welch. The hunt for the dogs continues.

How having fun turns tragic. We’re waiting to find out what was thrown on the bonfire that sent five teens to the hospital — some with second- and third-degree burns — who were celebrating at Alki last night. Early reports say one or more of them were throwing gasoline from plastic bottles onto the fire. Who threw it, and what were they thinking? We’ll also try to find out the conditions of the teens.

Once a real-estate mogul, now a Social Security recipient? Hmmm … A friend and business associate of fugitive real-estate magnate Michael R. Mastro has filed financial statements in bankruptcy court claiming his only income is from Social Security. Seattle Times business reporter Eric Pryne has the story. For some background reading: Mastro mystery: Aging ex-magnate nears 1 year on the lam

Guv candidates debate tonight: Jay Inslee and Rob McKenna square off in their first debate tonight,  in Spokane at the Association of Washington Business spring meeting. Will they say anything new?

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