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Weather: Wet. Rain is forecast for today and the next six days. Bummer. Who knows, that may change with a forecast that far out. We heard KING5 say there could be sun breaks tomorrow. At least that’s what we hope we heard …The National Weather Service forecasts.

Whoa! Gas prices have jumped. You probably heard or read that the fire at the BP refinery at Ferndale would cause a bump in gasoline prices. Well, something caused a BIG one. Could be the Iran situation. The average cost for a gallon in the state it $3.64, up 11 cents in just a week, according to AAA of Washington. It’s also 7 cents higher than the national average. InSeattle-Bellevue-Everett: $3.73. Fill ‘er up, Joe. Well, maybe not so much.

Theinflatable backpackcarried by the young womanwho survived the avalanche at Stevens Pass is a remarkable invention. They apparently don’t come cheap. We found them costing in the $650 to $750 range. But if you’re going to ski out of bounds or in the back-country… Along with our story about skiing in risky places, The New York Times also has a story that says the number of avalanches is on the rise, but back-country skiersare willing to take the risks involved.

Woodland Park shooting: We’re working on getting the condition and identity of theman shot in Woodland Park yesterday.

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