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Weather: OK, get ready… Showers or rain forecast today through Saturday, if you can believe it. And yes we can. Let’s hope the forecasters got it wrong. Yesterday was rather nice, though, 55 and sunny. Temperatures are going to be in the mid-50s most of the week. The National Weather Service forecast.

Traffic: The map and cams.

The man who fell in the water off a rubber raft off West Seattle last night has died.

Paul Allen and ID theft: Even the rich can have their identities stolen. An AWOL soldier in Pennsylvania has been charged with bank fraud for allegedly stealing the identity of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Darn.

What beers do you crave? The Seattle Beer News blog wants to know what types of beer you want to see in your favorite establishments, so it’s posted a poll because inquiring minds want to know. Take the poll.

Body found in Potholes Reservoir near Moses Lake: We mentioned yesterday that the body of a golden retriever had been found in the water near where a man had gone walking with the pup back in December. It appears the man’s body has now been found.

Whidbey Island attorney pleaded guilty of taking clients’ money.  Attorney, Peter Allen Moote, pleaded guilty yesterday in Seattle to embezzling $1 million of his clients’ money. Moote admitted he used their settlement money for such things as his own expenses and for gambling. He has resigned from the bar.

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