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Weather: Sunny today, eh? Nice. Sure rained last night, but no rain in the forecast through Friday. The weekend, of course, will bring rain both Saturday and Sunday. Yay! What?The details.

Traffic: A crash on Auburn Way in Auburn this morning knocked out power briefly to some 600 customers in the area. The map and the cams.

The Hummer of TVs.Our tech columnist Brier Dudley, writing about the Consumer Electronics Show currently being held in Las Vegas, points out how gaga we go for the newest, coolest electronic gadgets out there. He notes below that prototypes of razor thin OLED TVs may soon go mainstream. But another number in the sentence stopped us in our tracks:

LG said it’s bringing a 55-inch OLED set which it calls the “world’s largest” along with closer-to-reality sets such as an 84-inch 3D “Ultra Definition” set with four times the resolution of current high-def sets.

The Associated Press

The funeral will be held Thursday for Seattle police officer Richard Nelson who shot himself following his arrest for drug possession.

KIRO-FM reports ( Nelson will be laid to rest in Kent following services at St. Louise Catholic Church in Bellevue.

The 50-year-old Nelson served 21 years as a Seattle officer, working on horse and bike patrols, mostly in the Rainier Valley neighborhood.

Police say Nelson had been under investigation for failing to put seized drugs into the evidence locker when he was arrested. He shot himself Thursday, hours after being released from jail. He was found on a trail near North Bend and died at a Seattle hospital.

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