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Weather: Of the past few days, well, what are you going to say other than: marvelous? That could end with light rain this afternoon. tomorrow and Thursday, too. The high temperature will be 64 today, though, and that’s nice. The National Weather Service forecast.

Traffic: The map and cams.

A bear, a bear, oh my: KIRO TV reports this morning that a bear was seen somewhere in Maple Valley. We’re checking it out. Bears are waking up now, and when they do, they are famished and looking for a meal.

UPDATE: | 9:40 A.M. Mining asteroids and space exploration: It turns out James Cameron and the Google executives will NOT be at the news conference. See our story: Billionaires bankroll new space company for asteroid mining. Now here’s some gee-whiz news for you. There’s a news conference at The Museum of Flight this morning with museum benefactor Charles Simonyi and filmmaker James Cameron “to discover what the next great advancement of humanity will be.”  A new outfit called Planetary Resources Inc. of Seattle plans to mine asteroids using robotics for materials used in space travel. Investors also include Google CEO Larry Page and Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt. We’ll be at the news conference.

Quicker screening at Sea-Tac: The TSA’s expedited screening program for some folks flying Alaska Airlines begins today at Sea-Tac airport. The benefits for the new program, called PreCheck, include not having to take off your shoes and belts! But it’s only for certain frequent fliers with Alaska Airlines.

What were they thinking? A couple of guys stopped by police for running a red light in Seattle very early this morning got out of their car and ran to a home, where cops found them and a big bucket of marijuana. When the cops returned to the men’s car, they found marijuana there, too. The guys were arrested.

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