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Weather: Our time in the sun looks to have run out this week. The National Weather Service’s five-day forecast shows showers likely every day. The National Weather Service forecast.

Traffic: The Highway 520 bridge is closed until 5 a.m. Monday for continuing construction to widen the highway. The map and cams.

Bunkered down: SWAT team members are still carefully monitoring the North Bend bunker where they believe Peter Keller, wanted in connection with the shooting deaths of his wife and daughter, is holed up. Officers have tried to force Keller out with tear gas without success. We’ll be following this story closely today.

Fatal fire: A resident was killed in a fire in an Everett duplex early Saturday morning. Firefighters were dispatched after a passerby noticed the fire and alerted four residents by pounding on their door. He received no response from the other apartment where a fifth resident was later discovered by firefighters. They were unable to revive him.

Dog attacks: A Longview woman has been sentenced to nine months in jail after she dognapped a pitbull and demanded ransom from the dog’s owner in the form of prescription drugs and cash. The pitbull was later discovered tied to railroad tracks where he had died, The Daily News reports in Longview.

In Spokane, a trio of coyotes attacked a dog who was running loose with her owner on a popular trail. The dog received “a chest full of stitches” from the vet.

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