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Weather: Nice to look outside and see green instead of white. Unless you liked the snow. Now that the first snow of the winter is behind us … Take our poll (at lower right): I love it when it snows in Seattle. Or maybe you don’t. The forecast: Rather wet Sunday. Expect it to be less so today. But then a mix of rain and snow tomorrow. The details.

Traffic: It would be interesting to get these numbers, and maybe we will:

  1. How many vehicles crossed the 520 bridge during the snow storm? (The electronics were broken for a spell, so who knows how many tolls were collected.)
  2. How many incidents did the State Patrol respond to during the storm?
  3. How many potholes were created by the snow and ice?
  4. How many auto body shop owners are saying, “Yippie!”?

The poll has expired. Thank you for your submissions.

Today’s traffic details.

A pedestrian was killedin Everett early this morning. Our community news partner My Everett News hassome details. There is ice out there is some places.

Power outages: There are still some 55,000 people without power this morning. That’s down, of course, from nearly 300,000. Those numbers are of little consequence if you’re still without of power.

Hearings on gay marriage legislation are scheduled in Olympia today, and the room is expected to be packed. Pressure is building on five uncommitted senators who will likely decide the issue.

The boat that won’t die: Or is this the death knell for the Kalakala? Three Sheets NW | Storm-damaged Kalakala close to sinking

There is no reason on earth why we’re running this photo of a great blue heron other than we like it. OK, the heron does look as though he’s laughing (we always need a good laugh) and Seattle Times staff photographer Alan Berner takes one mean picture.

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