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Weather: It’s mild out there this morning. Showers today, but SUNNY tomorrow! Then foggy Wednesday and Thursday. (Did you ever notice that the weather chart doesn’t always match the forecast? Different sources, that. The details.)

Traffic: Less traffic, more speeding on the 520 bridge now that tolls are in place. The map and the cams

Really, could the Federal Way man and Bothell woman caught climbing the Tacoma Narrows bridge early yesterday morning have done it just to get great photos? We suppose it could be true, but let’s think about it. They were caught at 1:15 a.m. How long would it take to climb to the top? A half-hour, tops? That would put the time at 1:45 a.m., still too dark to capture much on camera. The sun wouldn’t rise until almost 8 a.m. And it would have been very cold. We think maybe they were just trying to climb the bridge to climb the bridge. Just saying …

What would the Morning Memo be without a bit of culture, at least once in a while? Superstar Violinist Joshua Bell performs with Seattle Symphony Orchestra on Tuesday at Benaroya Hall. Details available at the Seattle Symphony website. (Bell is also the violinist who was part of an experiment with columnist Gene Weingarten of The Washington Post in which Bell took the role of a street musician in Washington, D.C., playing rich classical music for people on their way to work.)

Strip-mall fire: We know it started in a tanning bed, where a bulb exploded, according to The Kitsap Sun. A 15-year-old customer in the tanning shop heard a loud pop, and the building and the six businesses in it were soon toast. Everyone inside got out safely, but a firefighter cut his hand.  Also burned were a coffee shop and businesses that sold cigars, hearing aids, holiday cruises and beauty supplies.

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