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Weather: Five days of sunshine. Could be 80 degrees on Sunday, despite what the chart says. No rain in sight until maybe next Wednesday. With a forecast that far out, who knows what the weather will be. A glorious weekend and Mother’s Day for sure. What are you doing for Mother’s Day? The National Weather Service forecast.

Traffic: Appears to be light this morning. Let’s see, what could be contributing to that? It’s Friday before a sunny and warm weekend… The map and cams.

Spirit Lake Highway to Mount St. Helens to open: The highway that brings you close to the famous volcano is scheduled to open for visitors on Sunday. The road, which closed in January, brings you to the Johnston Ridge Observatory where you can peer into the crater.

Don’t eat shellfish from Korea: The state Health Department says not to eat fresh or frozen shellfish from South Korea because it might be contaminated. Canned shellfish are not affected and no one in our state is reported to have gotten sick.

We’re waiting for the cause of death of the 36-year-old man whose body was found at Golden Gardens Park in Seattle over the weekend.

President Obama reportedly left with some $3 million in campaign funds as he flew out of Seattle yesterday. He was in town you know. (By the way, the home where he had a fundraising brunch used to belong to the Canadian government and has been assessed at more than $17 million.)

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