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Weather: The National Weather Service says we could get up to two inches of snow in some places overnight Saturday … yikes!The details.

Traffic: A reminder that the Highway 520 bridge and I-5 Mercer Street ramps will be closed this weekend. Surface streets will be affected, too.The map and the cams.

Owning up to 47 burglaries: Bud Alec Larson was a burglar. When he was caught, he confessed to breaking into as many as 47 places, including 30 on Queen Anne Hill. A bowl of hummus led to his downfall. Read the story in theCapitol Hill Seattle Blog.

Gay marriage: State lawmakers could formally introduce gay-marriage legislation in Olympia today.

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission has scheduled 10 free days at the parks for 2012, and the first opportunity to enjoy any state park without a Discover Pass is coming right up, on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday three-day weekend Jan. 14-16, according to a Field Notes post by Seattle Times staff reporter Lynda Mapes.

Beanie Babies:A Spokane woman has collected one heckuva lotta Beanie Babies 1,600 to be exact but she’s putting them to good use. She’s donating the toys to police to be used during traumatic situations with young children, according to KXLY-TV in Spokane.

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