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Weather: Let’s see… Today: Showers likely. Tomorrow: Showers. Sunday: Showers. Monday: 50 percent chance of showers. Tuesday: Rain likely. Wednesday: Rain. All right, cut us some slack already. OK, there will be some sun breaks today as there were yesterday, but then the rain resumes. The National Weather Service forecast.

Traffic: The map and cams.

So sad:  Bellevue woman killed by bus, 2nd woman hit by a bus in one day

Pink slime: Have you been reading the stories about the beef filler known as pink slime? A spokesman for Washington’s Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction says it’s “not aware” of any schools in the state that serve up the stuff. “With a name like that, it has to be good” … or bad.

Yes, but… The FBI in Seattle  and the Department of Homeland Security say the bulletin they issued was to raise awareness about the possibility of homegrown extremist retaliation in response to the killings of civilians in Afghanistan. There’s no specific target or credible information about an imminent attack. Whew.

So is Amanda Knox’s former Italian boyfriend in the area or not? The West Seattle Herald says this:

Raffaele Sollecito, the former Italian boyfriend of West Seattle-raised Amanda Knox, is expected to interview with an Eastside tech company, possibly Microsoft, this Friday, and to visit about a half-dozen supporters at a residence near Bellevue.

Whose house is he going to? We’d like to keep you posted, but we know nothing.

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