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Weather: You know it was wet yesterday, but now there are numbers to prove it. We set a record with 0.73 of an inch of rain recorded at Sea-Tac (where Seattle’s measurements are taken). That beat the old record of 0.59 of an inch. We’re in for more rain today, but we’re crossing our fingers that there will be some sun tomorrow and on through Monday. Yeah, right. The National Weather Service forecast.

Traffic: The map and cams.

Mudslide in Seattle: A heap of mud slid down an embankment near Alaskan Way late last night, halting freight traffic for a tad and cancelling passenger service for 48 hours for safety reasons. Darn that rain.

One tough store clerk: A convenience-store clerk in Yakima told a gun-wielding robber that the pistol he was holding didn’t look real to her, even when he fired it into the ceiling!  She tackled him and there was a tussle, but the gunman got away. Like we said, one tough clerk.

No charges in case where 10-year-old accidentally shot herself: No charges will be filed against a Spokane police officer whose daughter accidentally shot herself when she found her father’s gun in a bedroom in their home. He could still face disciplinary consequences. The girl is the fourth child to be shot recently in the state.

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