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Weather: Hmmm … Rain forecast for the next six days. Temperatures, however, will be in the high 40s and even reach the low 50s on a few days. We’re used to rain, and those high temps will make things a bit bearable, right?The National Weather Service forecasts.

Traffic:The map and cams.

President Obama is coming to town today. Well, he’s coming to Everett and Bellevue. We’ll be tagging along, of course.

Josh Powell papers:The Department of Social and Health Services is expected to release records today from the Josh Powell child custody case. Powell, of course, was a person of interest in the disappearance of his wife, and killed his two young boys and himself in a fire in a home in Graham, Pierce County, earlier this month.

Mountain goats aplenty: The number of mountain goats in the Olympic Mountains is on the rise, according to a survey last summer by theU.S. Geological Survey. Seattle Times staff reporter Lynda V. Mapes writes in our Field Notes blog that the goat population there has jumped 40 percent since 2004, according to the USGS survey report.

From the Field Notes post:

At the current rate of growth, the goat population could double within about 15 years, according to the report.

We can’t talk about mountain goats without noting that there have been problems with rogue male goats, including an incident in October 2010 in which a Port Angeles man was fatally injured by a goat in Olympic National Park.

Whale wars:A Seattle federal judge has rejected a request by Japanese whalers to freeze the bankaccountsof the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, claiming the anti-whaling activist group, which is based in Washington, finances terrorism. Clashes between the activist group and Japanese whaling vessels are the subject of the reality TV show “Whale Wars” on cable’s Animal Planet. We thought you might want to see a snippet of one of these encounters.

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