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Weather: Let’s see … Rain later today, rain showers Saturday and Sunday, rain and snow showers Monday. Temperatures will be in the mid to upper 40s. Well, it usually rains on weekends, so what did we expect. (BTW, wasn’t it 60 degrees yesterday?)The National Weather Service forecast.

Traffic:The map and cams.

No, really? On Facebook? Bigamy exposed? A corrections officer in Pierce County ischarged with bigamy and his first wife – if you will – found out about No. 2 via Facebook. Authorities sayAlan L. O’Neill, who got married in 2001, left home in 2009, changed his name and got hitched again without divorcing wife No. 1, according to thestory in The News Tribune. Now get this: Wife No. 1 found out about No. 2when Facebook suggested she friend the other woman because they both knew O’Neill.”

They made sure Alfredo Barajasgot his wish to be buried a soldier: The teen, who died of a heart condition Thursday, was buried in a military uniform, thanks tomilitary and law enforcement folks in Kennewick. They gathered several things including a “camouflage military uniform, military hats, pins, police items and an American flag,” all part of an effort to make his wish to service his country come true. Back in January, they even made him an honorary drill sergeant. See the heartfeltstory in The Tri-City Herald.

Legislature: Some folks might be saying to lawmakers in Olympia, “Get her done already!”No budget deal, however, so the governor called a special session.

The aircraft carrier USS Nimitz returns to Everett today.

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