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Weather: Forget the rain this morning. It’s supposed to clear up later today and we’re in for a warm, sunny weekend. Yes! Saturday and Sunday will see temps in the 60s, which we haven’t seen since, say, last weekend. Enjoy.The National Weather Service forecast.

Traffic:The map and cams.

$25,000 in the death of … a cat: Aman has been told he must pay his ex-wife $25,000 in the death of her feline, according to a story in The Olympian. The ex-husband, who reportedly kicked the cat two years ago, pleaded guilty to second-degree animal cruelty and was given a suspended sentence and $1,000 fine. The ex-wife was awarded $15,000 in damages and $10,000 for emotional suffering.

Body found: Remember we said the other day that a rafter was missing on the Chehalis River in Lewis County. Well, a body has been found in the water, says KOMO TV.

Teens in standoffs: We’ve had two teens in standoffs with police this week. A 14-year-old who threatened his mother with a knife in Belltown in Seattle Tuesday and a 16-year-old kid being sought in connection with a shooting, in Kent yesterday.

Orcas and tulips: We have a story about Orcas today and photos of the Skagit tulips in bloom. And as one editor points out this morning, “How’s that for a sense of place?” The place being our beautiful Northwest.

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