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Weather: Well, it did hit 80 degrees yesterday, and we liked it very much. And we’re so lucky the heat doesn’t come with humidity. It’s going to be perfect weather today with the temperature in the mid-70s. That’s just right for our area, no?  Enjoy now because it’s going to get a good deal cooler tomorrow. The National Weather Service forecast.

Traffic: The map and cams.

Stuff from the earthquake/tsunami in Japan more than a year ago appears to be washing up onshore in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, according to The Peninsula Daily News. Large fishing floats with Asian writing are showing up.

Buskers rattling windows? Downtown street buskers in Spokane must keep their music down, i.e., below the level that could rattle windows, under a resolution just passed by the Spokane City Council. It appears a harmonica player is rattling some downtown business owners. Whoa, that’s some loud harmonic playing …

One thing most of us can agree on and complain about is the high cost of gasoline, and are we seeing skyrocketing prices in our state. See our story and the reasons why. (We’ve always been puzzled by the fact that we have refineries here yet more often than not gas cost more than the national average. Go figure.)

A fire in a Bellevue home did a lot of damage ($100,000), but everyone got out safely because the 18-year-old son discovered the fire, even before the smoke detectors went off, and helped his mom and two brothers get out of the house.

Seattle came in at just 13 in’s annual survey of the top 20 most well-read cities. Thirteeth? Cities were ranked on all book, magazine and newspaper sales in print and Kindle format since last June on a per capita basis of cities with more than 100,000 people. Ranking No. 1 was Alexandria, Va. No. 20: Richmond, Va.

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