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Weather: Better get out there today because it’s going to be sunny and 67 degrees! And wasn’t yesterday beautiful, too? Could be some rain tomorrow, though… and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday… Whoa, wait a minute. What’s up with that? The National Weather Service forecast.

Traffic: What traffic? It’s Saturday for goodness sake. Oh, wait, the Alaskan Way Viaduct is closed in both directions until 5 a.m. Monday so construction crews can shore up a section that is over a portion where the new tunnel will be built. It’s closed between the north end of the Battery Street Tunnel and the West Seattle Bridge. The map and cams.

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Drunken moped riding? A 27-year-old man on a moped smashed up his face badly after he collided with a car at 25th Avenue and East Spring Street in Seattle about 1:30 a.m. today. The moped operator, who was taken to the hospital, was wearing a helmet and is expected to live. Police say he showed signs of drinking and was tested and processed for DUI. The driver of the car was not impaired.

Trial to open in beauty school killing: The 31-year-old Wenatchee man charged with killing his one-time beauty school classmate goes on trial Tuesday. Christopher Wilson is accused of killing Mackenzie Cowell who was 17 when she disappeared after leaving the beauty school on Feb. 9, 2010 in Wenatchee. Her body was found four days later. The case has drawn a good deal of attention statewide. Shannon Dininny of The Associated Press has the story.

Wiring stolen, not once, but twice: Burglars got into a vacant house on South Sullivan Street in Seattle’s South Park neighborhood recently and made off with some of the wiring, according to Seattle police. The wires were replaced and the place was boarded up… OK, the entry used by the burglars was boarded up. Then yesterday, two cops were in the area on another call and saw two guys in the alley behind the house. Guess what? They were holding new electrical wiring. The house had been broken into, again, and it was determined that the wiring they had came from the house. The men were busted. Not the sharpest tools in the workshop…

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