The man suspected in the attacks at the Grays Harbor County courthouse was convicted of third-degree assault and lying to a public servant in 2008.

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Before Steven Daniel Kravetz allegedly attacked a sheriff’s deputy and judge Friday in the Grays Harbor County Courthouse, he committed his first felony in Centralia.

In March 2008, the 34-year-old man was at the downtown Timberland Regional Library when he caused enough of a commotion with another patron at the computer terminals that library workers called police. When police arrived, Kravetz left the building and was contacted outside.

Listed as a transient in court records at the time, Kravetz gave officers a false name and became combative when they tried to detain him, hitting an officer in the arm each time the officer tried to handcuff him. Kravetz was subdued by force of a Taser.

Police found a single scissor blade, sheathed inside cardboard, inside his jacket pocket, according to court records. He told police he carried the blade “for dogs.”

Kravetz’s mother, Roberta Dougherty, was waiting for her son in a car nearby on Centralia College Boulevard. She told officers her son’s real name, and they found an outstanding $25,000 warrant out of Montesano for his arrest.

“Now you know why I did not tell you the right name,” Kravetz told officers, according to court records.

Kravetz was later convicted of third-degree assault and false statement to a public servant. He was sentenced to 102 days in jail.

On Friday, Kravetz allegedly attacked a sheriff’s deputy with the single blade of a pair of scissors after she confronted him while he was arguing with another person in the Montesano courthouse. A judge responded to help, and he reportedly stabbed the judge, too.

Kravetz allegedly grabbed the deputy’s gun as she tried to shoot him and then shot her twice in the shoulder.

Kravetz allegedly fled and was driven from the scene by his mother.

About 24 hours later, Dougherty turned her son in to police. He was reportedly hiding in her west Olympia home.