A Port Townsend teen who was reported missing Friday was located in Marysville unharmed on Monday, police said.

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A teenage girl who had been reported missing out of Port Townsend after she failed to show up at school on Friday morning was located in Marysville and is safe, according to police.

Port Townsend police spokesman Patrick Fudally said the 15-year-old appears to have run away, “but we don’t really know why yet,” he said.

“From talking to her friends, it sounds like she may have been depressed about breaking up with her old boyfriend and may have met a new person in Marysville that she wanted to meet up with.”

He said Marysville police found the teen “hanging out with a couple of people.” He said running away is not a crime, but there are statutes that allow police to pick up minors and return them to their parents.

A call to the girl’s family home was not answered.

According to Port Townsend police, the teen left for school on Friday morning around 7:30 a.m. but never arrived at school.

Later that day, a friend reported receiving a “HELP” message from the teen via Facebook, but the her phone was turned off.

Police were able to track the phone’s location and saw that it had been used near Marysville along Interstate 5. Someone later spotted her in Marysville and called 911.

Her disappearance was treated as an endangered-person case because the teen usually was known to check in before venturing off by herself, police said.