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A couple months ago we reported that Meara Lynn Nichols had mysteriously disappeared from her Everett home, leaving behind her family and purse.

Well, maybe it wasn’t so mysterious. Her husband, Matthew Nichols, told The Seattle Times in February that she had withdrawn a large amount of money before she disappeared and that the couple had discussed a trial separation.

Nonetheless, Everett police Sgt. Robert Goetz said at the time that police were concerned about the 33-year-old’s whereabouts. “We don’t know if she’s in danger, so we’re erring on the side of caution,” Goetz said.

Turns out Meara Lynn recently resurfaced in Florida after contacting family members, according to The Herald of Everett.

“She has not been talking too much about her reason for leaving,”  Goetz tells the Everett newspaper.