OLYMPIC NATIONAL PARK, Wash. (AP) — A backpacker missing for four days in Olympic National Park was found and rescued on Sunday, authorities said.

A helicopter spotted Cheri Keller, 56, of Olympia in a basin near Mount Steele, and was able to land and evacuate her, park spokeswoman Penny Wagner said in a news release. Once flown to the airport in Shelton, Keller was taken to a hospital by ambulance in stable condition for evaluation, she said.

Keller was last seen with her group on Wednesday near Home Sweet Home camp in the southeastern area of the park.

Keller became separated from the group as they hiked toward Camp Pleasant. Her group waited for her there but she did not arrive and two members of the group hiked out on Thursday to report her missing. The others hiked back to look for her but did not find her.