The company has hinted sales could be slower as hard-drive manufacturers

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Microsoft is scheduled to announce its second-quarter earnings after the stock market closes Thursday, with a webcast on its investor relations site of its earnings conference call at 2:30 p.m.

Analysts are expecting Microsoft to announce earnings per share of 77 cents, according to the average estimate of analysts surveyed by Zacks Investment Research. That would be the same as the earnings for the same quarter last year.

Forbes estimates Microsoft will bring in $20.94 billion in sales for the quarter, up 4.9 percent from $19.95 billion last year.

Microsoft warned financial analysts last week that sales of PCs would likely drop faster than expected in the fourth quarter, particularly because of floods in Thailand. (The fourth quarter of the calendar year is the second quarter for MIcrosoft’s fiscal year, which starts July 1.)

Factories in Thailand make one-fourth of the world’s hard drives, according to The Associated Press. When there are fewer hard drives, fewer PCs are made, resulting in fewer copies of Windows sold.

Microsoft shares closed Tuesday at $28.25, unchanged.