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#MicCheckWallSt, a Seattle political awareness group, says it will be dropping more than $2,500 in cash from the top of an unnamed building in Seattle on July 4.

The money drop is part of a protest against the United States Supreme Court’s ruling in the Citizens United case, which ruled that companies have the same rights as individuals when speaking about and donating to political campaigns. First Amendment rights had previously applied to individuals but not associations of individuals.

Each dollar will be stamped with “End Citizens United. Money as speech silences us all.”

“The money will naturally go back into general circulation,” says the fundraiser website. “As it passes from hand to hand, from one person to the next, it will continue to spread its message.”

The group encourages anyone to organize similar money drop protests by printing the stamp out on money at home. Angela Vogel, one of the event’s organizers, said stamping the printed money is legal because it’s designed not to obscure serial or denomination numbers.

The group is still raising money for a $5,000 goal through a website called WePay.

#MicCheckWallSt, which also organizes the Student Debt Noise Brigade in Capitol Hill, held a similar event on Valentines Day earlier this year with $500.

“It was a really good test run,” Vogel said. “We want to get more people involved so it’s very important to do things that are exciting and fun and safe for everybody.”