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Some delays, some sign problems and some crowded buses — but no major crises — marked the first morning commute under the biggest batch of Metro bus-route changes in nearly four decades, according to King County Metro officials.

“The overall picture is that things went pretty smoothly,”  Metro’s Jeff Switzer said at mid-morning.

Switzer some delays ocurred as riders were getting used to paying upon entering the bus, and some buses were more crowded than expected as people learned new bus schedules.

In addition, some signs along new “RapidRide” routes, and on the buses themselves, weren’t working properly, a problem Metro crews hope they can quickly fix, Switzer said.

Switzer said the agency will be closely monitoring the afternoon commute, in which passengers not used to paying on entering a bus could create delays in downtown traffic.

Metro’s new routes and schedules cover 79 routes that provide service to 120,000 riders,  close to a third of all bus boardings countywide.