In Washington, those who need mental health care often can’t receive it.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, social isolation, stress, anxiety and uncertainty have exacerbated existing crises, increasing the need for a broad spectrum of mental health services.

Over the next few months, The Seattle Times Mental Health Project plans to report extensively on topics such as access to therapy, community-based care and inpatient treatment.

We’d like to hear about your experiences.

The Mental Health Project is a Seattle Times initiative focused on covering mental and behavioral health issues. It is funded by Ballmer Group, a national organization focused on economic mobility for children and families. The Seattle Times maintains editorial control over work produced by this team.

If you’ve had trouble finding a therapist, tell us what barriers you faced.

Did you struggle to find a therapist who understood your cultural background or identity?


Have you had trouble finding a therapist who takes your insurance? Have you had to pay out-of-pocket for therapy? If so, was it because you lacked insurance or because you couldn’t find a therapist who accepted your insurance?

If you are a therapist, what challenges have you faced in providing treatment? Have you had to turn away people seeking your care?

What are your other concerns about accessing mental health care?

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