The Seattle Times’ local news columnists take a unique look at issues affecting our region as well as the people behind them. Their columns offer a mix of humor, humanity and passion for the place we call home.

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Danny Westneat

Danny Westneat takes an opinionated look at the Puget Sound region’s news, people and politics.


Jerry Large

I try to write about the intersections of everyday life and big issues. I like to invite readers to think a little differently. The topics I choose represent the things in which I take an interest, and I try to deal with them the way most folks would, sometimes seriously, sometimes with a sense of humor. | @jerrylarge


Nicole Brodeur

Every week in Nicole & Co., I bring you a conversation with a local who is doing something great, or a great who is doing something local: media personalities, big thinkers, visiting artists, colorful characters and doers of all kinds. In my other weekly column, Names in Bold, I tell you about my travels through some of the week’s social and philanthropic events — not just the ones for the swells, but those for work-a-day folks who care about making this region move and improve. | @nicolebrodeur


Ron Judd / The Wrap

Ron Judd’s column, The Wrap, is a roundup of major and minor news events – equal parts humor, outrage and stunned bemusement. His feature-length pieces in Pacific NW magazine reflect his fascination with Northwest people, places and history, as well as fish, moss, large furry animals, and other things that might make someone go, “Huh!” | @roncjudd


Gene Balk / FYI Guy

FYI Guy Gene Balk crunches the numbers. Gene has been a news librarian at The Seattle Times since 2002. He is a native of New Jersey, and earned a Master’s Degree in Library Science from Rutgers University. Before coming to The Times, he worked for the Orange County Register and the Baltimore Sun. | @genebalk


Gabriel Campanario / Seattle Sketcher

Gabriel Campanario illustrates life in the Puget Sound region. He has been living and drawing in Seattle since 2006. He’s a Seattle Times artist, founder of Urban Sketchers nonprofit, Spaniard, husband and father. | @seattlesketcher


Sarah Stuteville / Seattle Globalist

Journalist Sarah Stuteville, co-founder of the Seattle Globalist news site, explores the region’s international connections. | @seastute