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The Capitol Hill pot shop soap opera continues with a plot twist.

As the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reports, a company owned by Ian Eisenberg, who also owns Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop in the Central District, purchased a building last month on 15th Avenue East and East Republican.

Another retail-lottery-winning applicant, Sam Burke, had applied with the state Liquor Control Board to open a marijuana store in the space, but was waiting for news on his application before going through with the purchase.

Eisenberg, who is being sued over the location of his Central District store, told CHS the Capitol Hill building could be part of a contingency plan if he’s forced to move.

Currently a veterinarian clinic, Burke told CHS he’s hoping Eisenberg will allow him to lease the space.

Once thought forbidden territory, Burke found the real estate last year with Ben Livingston, a pot activist turned real estate broker who specializes in finding buildings for marijuana businesses that are compliant with city zoning and state law.

According to documents from the state Liquor Control Board, an initial analysis of the location showed it was within 1,000 feet of the Parkside School Daycare. But Burke and Livingston were able to prove an error with the parcel lines on the state’s map.