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Despite a ban on pot businesses in Pierce County, Tedd Wetherbee said he plans to open a retail marijuana store called The gallery in Parkland on Friday.

The store will be “reminiscent of a SOHO gallery” and feature a “life-size cardboard cutout of President Bill Clinton” and a “7’ tall African bird sculpture,” according to a press release from Wetherbee and business partner Michael Henery.

Wetherbee believes the county won’t target him for enforcement because it has allowed medical-marijuana businesses to conduct business in the county.

“We think more than likely we will get to operate,” he said. “We don’t see how the county that has over 160 illegal medical-marijuana dispensaries can come after a legal taxpayer.”

In a statement, Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy said Wetherbee’s plans were a surprise to the county.

“This has just come to our attention. I will be consulting with the County Council and Prosecuting Attorney to determine our response,” she said in the statement.

Wetherbee is known for suing the city of Fife after it denied him a business license because he wanted to open a marijuana store. A judge ruled in Wetherbee’s case that cities and counties can legally ban marijuana businesses.

The same judge in the Fife case upheld Pierce County’s ban on marijuana businesses late last year.

Wetherbee said he received approval for a license from the state Liquor Control Board on Wednesday. Mikhail Carpenter, a spokesman for the LCB confirmed Wetherbee would be licensed once he paid a licensing fee in Olympia. Carpenter said the agency did not have a stake in the local matter.

“If he chooses to operate in open defiance of Pierce County, that’s between he and Pierce County because that’s whose rules he would be violating,” said Carpenter.

Carpenter said he had not heard of anyone operating in a locality with a ban or moratorium.

“I’m curious to see what Pierce County’s response will be because they do allow medical-marijuana places,” said Carpenter.

The state Legislature is considering a host of marijuana-related bills, including one that would require a citizen petition to prevent pot businesses from operating.

Wetherbee also said he would seek to open two more stores in Pierce County. Wetherbee applied for three licenses in the county and won lottery positions that would make opening three stores possible.

“We’re actively looking for locations now,” he said.