Despite a prohibition on the sale of marijuana in the city, a new retailer has opened shop to distribute cannabis in Woodland.

Woodland Community Development Director Travis Goddard said the city has received two complaints about the business, 20 After 4, defying city code by selling marijuana from its North Goerig Street shop since May 28.

Goddard said the store could be fined $50-$250 a day for violating city code.

He said the store has not been fined yet because the owner has not received an official letter from the city.

A representative from 20 After 4 declined to speak to The (Longview) Daily News. The store was open for business with cannabis on display and patrons in the shop Wednesday.



Goddard said the store may not have applied for a business license with the city, located in Clark and Cowlitz counties just north of Vancouver. Operating without a city business license could cost the business another $25 a day.

Despite the state’s legalization of cannabis sales in 2012, Goddard said municipalities can decide where or if retail marijuana stories are allowed.

Woodland has banned retail sale of cannabis, but allows businesses that produce and process the product.

Goddard said the Woodland City Council originally adopted a moratorium on marijuana retailers in 2014, which had to be regularly renewed. In May 2020, city council updated its code to permanently ban the sale of marijuana.

Goddard said he spoke to the owner of 20 After 4 twice before he selected a Woodland shop location and explained that if he sold marijuana in the city he would face fines.

Goddard said the owner requested the City Council eliminate the moratorium on cannabis sales before the permanent ban, and that the store did not violate any codes until it opened and started selling marijuana.

Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board Spokesperson Julie Graham said having a state license to sell cannabis does not allow businesses to locate anywhere they choose. Municipalities still can restrict the sale of marijuana.

She said the store received its cannabis license in 2017. The store was approved by the board to move to Woodland on May 25.