The average price of marijuana has steadily dropped since legalization.

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Marijuana prices have plummeted since stores opened last summer, and the average gram of marijuana in the state’s system now goes for about $12, according to the state Liquor Control Board (LCB).

When prices peaked last summer, a gram was fetching about $30 on average, according to data from the LCB.

The aggregated data doesn’t consider the quality of the bud or the effect of bulk pricing, but shows a clear downward trend since the state launched its regulated marijuana market.

Brian Smith, a spokesman for the LCB, said the agency was pleased with the trend.

“The agency was charged with creating a recreational system competitive with the gray and illicit markets,” said Smith. “We thought if we could get it to 12 dollars a gram, we would be competitive, and we got there in a matter of months.”

When stores opened, retailers faced a shortage of pot. Within months, the market took a U-turn andĀ suppliers began to worry about a glut of pot on the market.